Hometenders is designed specifically to increase the marketability of a vacant home while eliminating the monthly expenses associated with maintaining that home. Hometenders' goal is to achieve the "model home" appearance without the hassles and headaches common with renters.

The Hometenders are mature, responsible adults who provide their own furnishings which we professionally match to your vacant home. They are persons that are relocating, couples saving for the purchase of their own home, graduate students, executives and professionals. They are persons who are building a home or looking to buy a home. They are persons who appreciate living in a gracious home.

We conduct regular inspections to insure the owner and the agent that the home is maintained to our high "model home" standards. The "Hometender" eliminates worries such as vandalism, insect and rodent infestation, stale, musty odors inside and the "distressed" connotation of a vacant house.


Don't reduce the price, increase the appeal!


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Creating a model home appearance.